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    Our discussion forums are based on PHPBB3 forum package. Written in PHP and functioning on a MYSQL database, PHPBB3 is quick, robust and proven. With thousands of online communities using the Version 2 package, proving the success of the software time and again, PHPBB3 takes online communities to a whole new level. Version 3.0 incorporates a professional-quality modular design, high security, multiple-language interface, support for a multitude of database servers and complete layout customisation, all with a low execution overhead. As an open source software package, PHPBB is not only one of the best forum packages out there, it is made available to everyone for free. Continued support for improvements and new features is readily available as well.


    Photo Gallery

    Our photo / video gallery is based on Coppermine Photo Gallery package. Coppermine is an easily set-up, fast, feature-rich photo gallery script with mySQL database, user management, automatic thumbnail creation, e-card feature and a template system for easy customization to match the rest of a site. Organizing a photo gallery has never been easier.


    Site Design

    Site layout is entirely custom-designed for CWMania and written in HTML and PHP. The most recent version makes use of a CSS driven design for both the content and the menu navigation, eliminating the need for users to have javascript enabled to browse the site. The inspiration for this was taken from CSSPlay.com and that site was instrumental in producing the results you see today. Microsoft Frontpage 2003 was used to check the syntax of the coding and test the results before going live. Photos and graphics are edited using Adobe Photoshop and/or Corel Photo-Paint and most are courtesy of Nairda (of the CWMania online community). Videos are edited using Pinnacle Studio.


    Web Hosting

    CWMania is hosted by TopClassHost, a company which has been in the webhosting business since 1999. The server is powered by an Intel Dual XEON processor and runs Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Their secure and reliable data centre is monitored 24 hours a day, meaning that downtime is extremely minimal. With reasonable rates and the infrastructure to handle high demands, TopClassHost is a large part of the success of CWMania. If you are in the market for a webhost, use the link below to visit the TopClassHost website.