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    Adverse Weather Conditions

    Some rides may close due to weather conditions, particularly heavy rain, high winds and/or lightning. Most attractions and rides remain open despite light rain. Closed rides reopen as soon as safely possible. Check the weather forecast before visiting the park, as rainchecks are not issued.

    Alcoholic Beverage Policy

    You must be 19 years of age to purchase, possess or consume alcoholic beverages in the province of Ontario. A valid photo I.D. (a driver's license or age of majority card) is required. Bringing alcohol onto Canada’s Wonderland property or leaving the park with alcohol purchased at the park is strictly prohibited. Provincial law also prohibits consumption of alcoholic beverages outside of licensed establishments within the park as well as in the parking lots, regardless of being in a vehicle.


    Cash machines are located at the park entrance, at Cyber Central in Medieval Faire, in the Palace in KidZville, at the Splash Surf Shop in Splash Works and at the Backlot Cafe in Grand World Exposition of 1890.

    Baby Care

    Two Baby Care Centres are available for your convenience. Located beside First Aid in Medieval Faire and the other is in the Palace in KidZville. Each centre provides a place for private nursing and refrigerated storage for baby formula. Bottles may be warmed at the First Aid Centre and at any of the park's sit-down restaurants. Diaper changing facilities are available in most of the park’s restrooms.

    Carry-On Items

    In general, it is not the best practice to take carry-on items on a ride as they may be lost or stolen. However, many rides provide storage bins to stow these items throughout your ride. Some rides may even accommodate items on the ride itself, but these rides are very limited.

    Credit Cards and Currency

    MasterCard, VISA, American Express, Interac Direct Payment, and US and Canadian traveler’s cheques, are gladly accepted for admission and most purchases. Currency can be exchanged at guest services, just inside the entrance.


    The best choice for attire when visiting the park is comfortable clothing (cotton is usually best). Choose broken in, comfortable shoes, and remember to be prepared for the forcasted weather. An extra change of clothes is a good idea as well since wet clothes are not the most comfortable all day long!

    First Aid

    The main First Aid Centre is located in Medieval Faire beside Spinovator. Two other first aid stations are located inside Splash Works. Each station is equipped with trained personnel and emergency supplies. The main centre also has facilities for warming bottles, privacy for nursing, and refrigerated storage for guests’ medications. Security personnel are also trained in basic first aid.

    Guests with Disabilities

    Guests with disabilities should stop by Guest Services to pick up a Guide for Guests With Disabilities before venturing into the park. This free guide explains the ride entry guidelines and procedures, provides specific information related to each attraction, and includes an Attraction Boarding Pass now required for the special access accommodations.

    Special parking areas are available with proper ID.

    Canada's Wonderland TTY/TTD 905-832-7503

    Information Desk

    Located inside the park's entrance, guest services offers Go bus tickets, information about the park, a lost and found as well as information on show times, ride locations, etc.

    Line Jumping

    Line jumping is defined as: cutting in front of other guest including re-entering the line after leaving for any reason. Dismissal from the park without refund will be the outcome of line jumping and this rule will be strictly enforced.


    Lockers are located near the park entrance for all-day rental. The Rental fee for lockers must be paid each time the locker is opened. (Change machines are located near the lockers.)

    Loose Article Policy

    Only items that can be safely secured in pockets or a waist pack may be taken on rides. Pockets must fasten with Velcro, a button or a zipper and waist packs should fasten tightly and have a zipper closure. All other items must be left in a locker, vehicle, with a non-rider, or at the owner's risk on the ride platform . However, Canada’s Wonderland is not responsible for items lost, damaged or stolen. Some rides may not allow loose articles to be left on ride platforms. Glasses must be secured with a strap. For safety reasons, picture taking and videotaping are strictly prohibited while on rides.

    Lost Children

    The park provides a Lost Parents centre, located next to Silver Streak in Kidzville. Lost children should approach any park employee and security personnel will be alerted to reunite parents and children. Parents may also notify the Lost Parents centre in order to facilitate a park search.

    Parent Swap

    One person (age 18 or over) may wait with a child near the exit while the remainder of the party enters the line. When the party has exited the ride, the non-rider waiting with the child may enter through the exit and ride. Boarding Passes may be obtained at Guest Services (at the main gate).


    Canada's Wonderland offers ample parking of over 10000 spaces. Parking is charged per day, per vehicle. Parking for the Disabled is also available. School and Tour Buses are free and must park in designated parking areas.

    A Passenger Drop Off is located off of Jane St.

    Pet Care

    Pets are not allowed in the Park. However, pets are welcomed at their very own air-conditioned kennel located at Front Gate. The fee is relatively cheap to board your pet but walking and feeding are the responsibility of the pet owner. All pets must be picked up prior to park closing.

    Photography and Videography

    Cameras and camcorders may not be used at some park attractions. To ensure public safety, you may be requested to display the contents of any package, parcel or item in your possession. Refusal of entry may result for non-compliance.

    Prohibited Items

    With the exception of special diet/need items (which may be kept in a small cooler), outside food and beverages are not allowed in the park. Un-opened bottled water may be brought into the park.

    The following items are also not allowed in the park: alcoholic beverages, glass or metal containers, illegal drugs or controlled substances, fireworks or incendiary devices, weapons, barbeques, portable music devices, solicitations, rafts and other flotational devices.

    Public Telephones

    Pay phones are available at many park locations. Please refer to the park map for more information.

    Recommended Meal Times

    Avoid eating meals during common meal times such as 12 noon and 5pm. Take the opportunity to ride popular rides at this time, while other guests are occupied.

    Recreational Wheels

    Roller skates, roller blades, scooters, bicycles, tricycles and skateboards are not permitted on Canada’s Wonderland property.

    Re-entering the park

    If you leave the park and plan to return later in the day, get your hand stamped while exiting.


    Guest Services provides a limited number of wheelchairs, strollers and wagons for one-day rental on a first-come, first-served basis.


    Service animals are welcome at Canada’s Wonderland. One service animal per guest is allowed and must remain on a leash or harness at all times. On most rides, service animals must remain with a non-rider. Guests should use the same procedures as described for “Special Access”, and may take advantage of the “Parent Swap”. Service animals demonstrating aggressive behaviour may be required to exit the park.


    Smoking is permitted only in the designated smoking areas, which are indicated on park maps. All restaurants, shops, theatres, washrooms, indoor facilities and ride queues are entirely smoke free.

    Sun Protection

    Remember to apply sunscreen, drink lots of fluids (water is best) and take cover periodically in the shade.

    Unacceptable Behaviour

    Disruptive behaviour, breaking the law, entering restricted areas, theft, vandalism, counterfeit tickets or hand stamps, fighting, and running will result in immediate ejection from the park without refund, and may lead to prosecution. Security staff patrols the entire park property to prevent this behaviour.