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  • Historical Timeline of Canada's Wonderland


      King's Entertainment Company (KECO) selected Maple (Vaughan), ON as the location for its new amusement park

      KECO created a business deal with Canadian company Trizec Investments to finance the park. KECO owned 20% of the park, while Trizec owned 80% via its subsidiaries

      Construction began on the park


      Canada's Wonderland opened with the following rides and attractions:

    Aerofield, Balloon Race, Bayern Curve, Bedrock Dock, Blauer Enzian, Boo Boo's Buggys, Boulder Bumpers, Carrousel, City Zoo Golf, Dragon Fyre, Flintstone Flyboys, Ghoster Coaster, Great Whale of China, Hanna-Barberry-Go-Round, Happy Landing, Hotrock Raceway, Klockwurker, Krachenwagon, Mighty Canadian Minebuster, Pharoah's Eye, Quixote's Kettles, Scooby-Choo, Scoobyville Rocketport, Shiva's Fury, Sol Loco, Swings of Siam, Viking's Rage, Wilde Beast, Wilde Night Mares, Wonder Tour, Yogi's Cave and Zumba Flume.


      King's Courtyarde catering facility debuted


      Kingswood Music Theatre debuted


      Smurf Forest children's area debuted

      White Water Canyon rapids ride debuted

      Boo Boo's Buggys renamed and rethemed to Lazy Snail's Trail

      Yogi's Cave renamed and rethemed to Smurf's Cave


      Skyrider stand-up roller coaster debuted

      Wonder Mountain Walkway closed permanently at season end

      Blauer Enzian dismantled and portions, including train used for Thunder Run


      Thunder Run debuted


      The Bat boomerang coaster debuted

      Saltwater Circus renamed Bedrock Aquarium

      Pharoah's Eye removed at season end

      Swings of Siam moved to accommodate Racing Rivers during off-season


      Racing Rivers debuted


      Timberwolf Falls water ride debuted

      Swings of Siam renamed Swing of the Century


      Jet Scream looping starship debuted


      Vortex suspended coaster debuted

      Klockwurker renamed Klockwerks


      Lazer Maze debuted

      Splash Works debuted with these attractions:

    Drop Zone (2 Proslide Multibumps and 2 Proslide Freefalls), Body Blast, The Lazy River, Pipeline, Whirl Winds, Scooby's Splash Island

      The Bat received new restraints

      The walkway between what is now Action Zone and Timberwolf Falls opened

      Ginza Gardens renamed Southside Grille

      Smurf Forest removed during off-season

      Wonder Tours' south track removed at season end


      Kids Kingdom children's area debuted

      Jumbo Bumps giant slide debuted

      Pro Putt Golf debuted

      Batter's Box debuted

      Balloon Race renamed Jumbo's Balloon Adventure

      Lazy Snail's Trail renamed Snail Trail

      Woodland Theatre received new canopy

      Smurf Cave rethemed as King's Treasure Arcade

      Paramount purchased KECO

      Ghoster Coaster re-profiled during off season (removing last bunny hill)

      Hot Rock Raceway's south track removed at season end, though the concrete path remained


      Paramount purchased the remaining 80% of  the park and rebranded it Paramount Canada's Wonderland

      Days of Thunder debuted

      The Paramount Story debuted

      Canterbury Theatre renamed Paramount Theatre

      Viacom International purchased Paramount Communications and park remained unchanged (still treated as a Paramount Park)

      Minebuster's and Wild Beast's bench bars replaced with individual racheting lapbars

      Zumba Flume removed at season end


      Top Gun inverted jet coaster debuted

      Royal Courts and Sports renamed Medieval Arcade and Games Complex

      Lazer maze removed at season end

      Top Gun received new restraints during off-season

      Vortex's cars repainted during off-season


      Xtreme Skyflyer skycoaster debuted

      Cool Zone refreshment centre debuted

      Splashworks expanded with: Whitewater Bay, Black Hole, and Pumphouse

      Drop Zone water slide renamed Wipeout

      Wonder Tours south track queue line and station removed in preparation to build Drop Zone and Speed City Raceway (but another location was chosen)

      Wild Beast's trains painted purple and green during off-season


      Drop Zone stunt tower debuted

      Speed City Raceway go-karts debuted

      Quixote's Kettles renamed Spinovator

      Wilde Beast renamed Wild Beast

      Wilde Night Mares renamed Night Mares

      Viking's Rage renamed The Rage

      Dragon Fyre renamed Dragon Fire

      Tucker's Roadside Cafe renamed Traveller's Roadside Cafe

      Medieval Arcade and Games Complex renamed Cyber Central

      Klockwerks repainted blue, yellow and red

      Snail Trail removed at season end

      Boom Ball game removed at season end

      Dragon Fire's trains re-painted in off-season (1 purple, 1 green)

      Sol Loco has 3 cars re-painted blue in off-season

      Wild Beast's fan curve rebuilt during off-season


      Swing Time chair swing debuted

      A-Mazing Adventure debuted

      Chopper Chase debuted

      Flavourator debuted

      The Edge climbing wall debuted

      James Bond, Licence to Thrill debuted at Action FX Theatre

      Wonder Tours renamed Jokey's Jalopies

      Scooby-Choo renamed KidZville Station

      Jumbo's Balloon Adventure renamed Frequent Flyers

      Happy Landing renamed Swan Lake

      Kids Kingdom renamed Candy Factory

      Days of Thunder rethemed and renamed Action FX Theatre

      Ristorante renamed International Street Pizza Pizza

      King's Treasure Arcade renamed and rethemed as The Palace and The Candy Shoppe

      Woodland Theatre renamed Playhouse Theatre

      The Batter's Box game removed at season end

      A section of Jokey's Jalopies' track removed at season end

      Sol Loco has 1 car re-painted purple in off-season


      The Fly wild mouse coaster debuted

      Escape from Dino Island 3D debuted at Action FX Theatre

      Splashworks expanded including: The Plunge and Super Soaker

      Shiva's Fury renamed The Fury

      Bedrock Dock removed at season end

      Minebuster renovated to combine 2nd and 3rd bunny hill into a single long hill during off-season


      Scooby Doo's Haunted Mansion interactive dark ride debuted

      Cliffhanger splashover debuted

      Meteor Attack debuted at Action FX Theatre

      Several Mr Sub locations debuted throughout the park

      The Eruption pyrotechnics show debuted

      King's Courtyarde renamed Courtyard

      Klockwerks relocated to accommodate Shockwave at season end

      Bayern Curve removed at season end

      Jumbo Bumps removed at season end

      Ghoster Coaster's yellow train painted red in off-season

      Ghoster Coaster's station painted red, green and purple in off-season

      Pharaoh's Falls (part of Racing Rivers) removed at season end


      Shockwave debuted

      Silver Streak mini-inverted coaster debuted

      Jumpin' Jet debuted

      Blast Off debuted

      7th Portal debuted at Action FX Theatre

      Watersnake dropped the Racing Rivers name

      Bedrock Aquarium renamed Bedrock Event Tent (dedicated to trampoline show)

      Scoobyville Rocketport renamed Jetson's Rocketport

      Pipeline and a waterslide from Scooby's Splash Island removed from Splash Works at season end

      Watersnake (formerly part of Racing Rivers) removed at season end

      Bedrock Aquarium permanently closed at season end

      Dutch restaurant theme removed at season end


      Psyclone debuted

      Splash Works expanded including: Riptide Racer, Barracuda Blaster and Children's Spray Ground

      Cyber Sez virtual reality simulator debuted

      Superstition debuted at the Action FX Theatre

      You Go Grill debuted in former location of Dutch restaurant

      Bedrock Aquarium closed permanently at season end

      Sol Loco renamed The Orbiter and lost Mayan theme including repaint

      Hot Rock Raceway removed at season end

      Flintstone Flyboys removed at season end

      The Edge removed at season end

      Minebuster received new seatbelts during off-season

      Boulder Bumpers renamed and rethemed to Rugrats Toonpike during off-season


      Sledge Hammer debuted

      Jimmy Neutron's Brainwasher debuted

      Wild Thornberries Treetop Lookout debuted

      Dora's Dune Buggies debuted

      Launch Pad euro-bungee debuted

      Warrior of the Dawn debuted at Action FX Theatre

      Spongebob Squarepants 3D debuted at Action FX Theatre

      Metal detectors installed at the entrance

      The Fury removed at season end

      Great Whale of China removed at season end

      Drop Zone's cars repainted all-black during off-season

      Spinovator and Klockwerks received new seatbelts during off-season


      Tomb Raider: The Ride flying coaster debuted

      Magic of the Movies debuted at Paramount Theatre

      Dipamo's BBQ renamed Arthur's Pub & Grille

      Wipeout water slide removed at season end


      Italian Job: Stunt Track launch coaster debuted

      School of Rock debuted at Paramount Theatre

      La Cantina renamed International Street Starbucks

      Vortex reduced to 5 cars per train from mid-season on

      Dragon Fire's supports painted purple

      Viacom International announced intentions to create two separate companies from its existing assets - Paramount Parks falls under the ownership of CBS Corporation


      CBS Corporation announces its intention to divest Paramount Parks in January citing that the division did not fit the focus and direction of its other assets

      Hollywood Stunt Spectacular debuted

      Nickelodeon Celebration Parade debuted

      Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera debuted at Action FX Theatre

      Southside Grille renovated and renamed Backlot Cafe

      Staff Cafeteria renamed Oscar's

      Cameras added to Top Gun for on-ride videos

      Cedar Fair announced that it won the bidding battle for Paramount Parks and had reached a definitive agreement to purchase the parks for $1.24 billion dollars

      Cedar Fair announced that the acquisition of Paramount Parks was completed on June 30th and immediately assumed operations and management of the parks including Canada's Wonderland


      Coasters Drive-In and The Marketplace restaurants debuted

      Picnic Pavilion debuted outside park entrance

      Starlight pass debuted for guests entering the park late in the day

      Endless Summer debuted at the Paramount Theatre as the first ice-skating show in 10 years

      Twistin' to the 60s show debuted at the International Showplace

      New York Fries locations renamed and replaced by Hot Potato

      Dragon Fire's rails track repainted with yellow running rails


      Behemoth debuted as the tallest and fastest coaster in Canada

      Dance to the Music show debuted at International Showplace

      Tomb Raider: The Ride renamed Time Warp

      Drop Zone renamed Drop Tower

      Cliffhanger renamed Riptide

      Top Gun renamed Flight Deck

      Italian Job: Stunt Track renamed Back Lot Stunt Coaster

      Paramount Theatre renamed Wonderland Theatre

      Paramount Action FX Theatre renamed Action Theatre

      Front Gate Photo relocated to opposite side of main entrance


      Signed, Sealed Delivered show debuted at International Showplace

      Marty's Party show debuted at Playhouse Theatre

      Granny's Sweets renamed


      Lucy's Tugboat kiddy ride debuted

      Peanuts 500 kiddy ride debuted

      Snoopy's Revolution kiddy ride debuted

      Snoopy On Ice show debuted at Wonderland Theatre

      Scooby Doo's Haunted Mansion renamed Boo Blasters on Boo Hill

      Dora's Dune Buggies renamed Sally's Love Buggies

      Jimmy Neutron's Brainwasher renamed Woodstock's Whirlybirds

      Rugrats Toonpike renamed Joe Cool's Dodgem School

      Wild Thornberries Treetop Lookout renamed The Pumpkin Patch

      Aerofield renamed Snoopy vs Red Baron

      Jetson's Rocketport renamed Snoopy's Space Race

      Hanna-Barberry-Go-Round renamed Character Carousel

      (Snoopy's Gasping) Ghoster Coaster renamed (Peanuts) Ghoster Coaster

      City Zoo Golf renamed Peanuts Putt-Putt

      Granny's Sweets renamed Snoopy's Suppertime

      Character House renamed Snoopy Boutique

      Jet Scream removed at season end


      Windseeker debuted