From gourmet meals, to classic fast food options including burgers, fries, and hot dogs to healthier alternatives such as low-fat sandwiches and sliced fruit, you will find anything and everything to satisfy your cravings. For further information please visit Canada's Wonderland official website via our links.

Backlot Café

Get off the midways, take a load off and enjoy your meal in an indoor air conditioned environment. Offering everything from fresh salads, gourmet burgers, souvlaki, rotisserie chicken, to gourmet pizzas, chicken wings, pasta and desserts. Includes a licensed area for alcohol consumption.

-located in Grande World Exposition of 1890
-AKA Southside Grill 1993-2005
-AKA Ginza Gardens 1981-1992


Baked Potatoes

For a healthier alternative to french fries, try a classic oven-baked potato. Enjoy it plain, with butter, chili and cheese or try some corn-on-the-cob.

-located on International Street


Candy Apple

Take a regular orchard variety apple and dip it in anything from the classic red candy glaze to gummy worms to chocolate. You have probably never had candy apples, caramel apples or candied nuts that taste this good.

-located on International Street and in KidZville


Coasters Drive-In

Enjoy a malt, milkshake or soda in this 50s themed diner. Grab a burger and fries or an order of rings and enjoy while you check out the memorabilia.

-located in Action Zone



Ever wonder how potato chips are made? Look no further. Watch as whole potatoes are placed in a machine and transformed into chips right before your eyes. Chips are available in many flavours.

-located in White Water Canyon


Cookie Café

Try a delicious ice cream cookie sandwich. Take vanilla ice cream and smother it between two tasty, oversized chocolate chip cookies and you have a staple of amusement park food. This stand also offers a variety of cold drinks.

-located in Action Zone


Dairy Queen

Get a cone, shake, banana split or one of DQ's famous Blizzards at one of these locations. These stands seem like an oasis in the hot summer heat due to their icey offerings.

-located on International Street, in Medieval Faire, in Hanna-Barbera Land, and in Splash Works


Fresh Squeezed Lemonade

The name says it all. Drop by for a tall glass of old-fashioned lemonade to quench your thirst.

-located on International Street


Funnel Cakes

Serving up delicious funnel cakes topped with icing sugar, strawberries or ice cream or all of the above. A selection of soft drinks and bottled water are also available.

-located on International Street at Alphorn Funnel Cakes, in Medieval Faire at Medieval Funnel Cakes and in Grande World Exposition of 1890 at Fightertown Funnel Cakes.


Granny''s Sweets

Featuring "pocket pups" and chicken fingers, this place is a good stopover for families in the Hanna-Barbera neck of the woods.

-located in Hanna-Barbera Land


Hot Dogs

Hot dogs, get your hot dogs. This is your place if you're looking for that footlong hotdog drizzled with mustard, ketchup relish and covered in onions. Cooked to perfection, these juicy weiners are a crowd favourite.

-located on International Street, in Grande World Exposition of 1890, and in International Festival.

Hot Potato

Fresh cut fries, still with the skins on, cooked till golden brown and served up with almost every topping you could imagine including chili, gravy and cheese (poutine), veggies and sour cream.

-located in KidZville, Action Zone, and in International Festival


Java Joint

Chill out with a cookiewich or an ice cream at this site across from the Wild Beast.

-located in Medieval Faire

Manchu Wok

Featuring all the best in Chinese food, Manchu Wok serves up everything from chicken balls, to mushroom fried rice, to teriyaki stir fry.

-located on International Street at International Cafe


The Marketplace: International Buffet

Sit down and take a load off at this buffet-style classy restaurant. Featuring everything from plain old burgers to daily specials just like any other fine dining restaurant, The Marketplace is sure to be a family favourite since everyone can find the perfect thing to eat. To top it all off, make a visit to the dessert buffet which will satisfy those cravings for delectable treats.

-located in Medieval Faire


Mess Haul

This place is a fast food lover's paradise. Choose from footlong hotdogs, footlong sausages, nachos and cheese, pop, sports drinks and chips.

-located in Grande World Exposition of 1890


Minute Maid

Looking for a healthy alternative to soft drinks for the kids? Minute Maid juice is made from the tastiest oranges and is conveniently located in a central place for the kids..

-located in KidZville


Mr Sub

Popular sub sandwiches such as pizza subs, ham and cheese, meatball and the list goes on. Other healthy alternatives include salads, wraps and soup.

-located on International Street and in Medieval Faire


Pizza Pizza

Ontario's #1 pizza. Pizza Pizza serves fresh dough pizza by the slice and whole in 2 delicious varieties: pepperoni & cheese; and extreme cheese. Pizza Pizza personal size pizzas are available at KidZville..

-located on International Street at Ristorante Pizza Pizza, in Medieval Faire at Arthur’s Pub & Grille, in Nickelodeon Central, in KidZville, and in Splash Works at Waveside Pizza Pizza

Popcorn / Cotton Candy

Pick up your bag of popcorn or cotton candy to munch on throughout the park. This is a snacker's paradise.

.-located in Action Zone

Refreshments on Location

Quench your thirst. Bottled water, sports drinks, pop, etc chilled on ice just waiting for consumption by overheated park guests.s.

.-located at several sites throughout the park


Nestle ice cream available in several flavours and served in a cone or dish. Nestle is the largest ice cream maker in the world.d.

.-located on International Street


Snow Cones

For a refreshing shaved ice treat saunter on over to the stand next to Orange Julius.

-located on International Street



Fresh, rich-brewed, espresso beverages including  coffee, latte, mochaccino, and a variety of other concoctions made with flaroured shots and syrups.

-located on International Street


Teriyaki Experience

Fresh Japanese meals inluding bean sprouts, beef, chicken, shrimp or tofu and vegetables. Also available are noodle bowls, sushi and steamed vegetables. This location features an outdoor seating patio.

-located on International Street at International Cafe


Thrill Burger

This location serves hamburgers, chicken burgers, chicken fingers, french fries and other items. Located just across from Night Mares in the Drop Zone Plaza with outdoor seating this a crowd favourite for that classic amusement park food.

 -located in Medieval Faire


Tiny Tom Donuts

You can watch your donuts made from start to finish. Once they are complete you can have them sprinkled with icing sugar or cinnamon sugar. These hot bite size donuts will just melt in your mouth.

-located in Medieval Festival and Hanna-Barbera Land


Traveller’s Roadside Café

This restaurant is a replica of an old gas station and it features fried chicken, chicken wings, chicken fingers and sausage on a bun. It also includes outdoor seating and is located across from the Action FX Theatre. licensed

-located in White Water Canyon area



Waffle-Ice Cream Sandwich

Take 2 piping hot waffles and slather in some ice cream and you've got one of the most delectable treats ever created.

-located in International Festival


You Go Grill

Get your burgers, hotdogs, chiken fingers, french fries and other food. You will find this fast food establishment across from Orbiter with outdoor seating available.

-located in Action Zone area