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    Check out the unique shopping experiences at your disposal at Canada's Wonderland. The park has everything from custom clothing to jewellery to stuffed toys. Adults, teenagers, kids and everyone else in between can find something to take home as a reminder of the thrills. For further information please visit Canada's Wonderland official website via our links page.

    Airbrush World

    Get your custom made tank tops, t-shirts, sweatshirts and hats made here. Artists will help you choose a design or pattern as well as lettering and saying for your items. While you watch, the artist will then apply the chosen designs to the clothing.

      located in Medieval Faire and Action Zone

    Canyon Trading Company

    This is your place for summer gear. If you've just gotten soaked on White Water Canyon and need to dry out drop by this stand to pick up your souvenir towel or a pair of sandals.

      Located in White Water Canyon


    See yourself in a way that you never dreamed possible. Get your very own funny, distorted portrait, which is hand-drawn right before your eyes. Caricatures can also be made from portraits, so they make good gifts.

      Located at several sites throughout the park

    Character House

    This is the best place to find all of the best children’s merchandise featuring Nickelodeon, Hanna-Barbera, as well as park related memorabilia. Your kids could spend hours looking at all of the plush toys, clothing and candy in this one-stop kids shop.

      Located in Planet Snoopy

    Front Gate Photo

    Get your picture taken by one of the parks experienced photographers. Check back later to see how the photo turned out. The images can be enlarged and mounted while you enjoy the rides and entertainment and be ready to pick up on the way out.

      Located in International Festival and on International Street

    The Fun Shoppe

    Check out the gadgets and gizmos in this place. If you’ve been looking for the perfect little noisemaker or novelty gift, look no further.

      Located in Medieval Faire

    Hot Press

    Get your custom decorated goods including knapsacks, belts, baby onesies, trucker hats and more. Choose your transfer and watch the designer goods appear before your eyes.

      Located in Action Zone


    Find more types of candy and sweets than you could ever imagine. Located adjacent to the Palace rest area, let the kids have a look at the sweets and play a few games while parents get out of the heat and relax a little.

      Located in KidZville

    Little Miss Henna Temporary Henna Tattoos

    If you’ve always wanted a tattoo, but never had the courage to go under the needle, try a henna tattoo. They’re natural and temporary so no harm will be done. Choose from hundreds of styles and watch the artist go to work.

      Located at several sites spread throughout the park

    Little Miss Henna Hairwraps

    Hairwrapping has been practiced for thousands of years. Its origins are traced back to Ancient Egypt and it was popular in Medieval Europe. Using colourful threads and assorted beads to decorate hair has again become popular over the last decade.

      Located at several sites spread throughout the park

    Locker Room / Varsity Club

    Browse through the wide assortment of sports related clothing and other assorted sports items in the Varsity Club. Choose from popular clothing brands such as: Quiksilver, Roots and Nike as well as many others. This is your place to get your in-style clothing.

      Located on International Street

    Old Tyme Photo

    Dress up like an old gangster, a Victorian lady or a pirate. Staged old time photos make one of the best keepsakes because they are unique and can mark a special occasion such as: birthday, Mother's / Father's Day, wedding announcement, honeymoon, or anniversary.

      Located in World Expo

    Rock (the Casbah)

    Find a shirt featuring your favourite rock band. Get all of the latest skater, hip-hop and punk stuff here. The shop features edgy clothing and accessories of which parents and teenagers alike could approve.

      Located in World Expo

    School Bus

    This is a small stall offering assorted trinkets, toys and candy to the kids.

      Located in KidZville

    Splashwear Surf Shop

    Find the most up-to-date styles of bathing suits and swimwear, as well as towels, sandals, suntan lotion, sunscreen, sunglasses, shades and other water park accessories. If you forget an item necessary for an enjoyable day at Splash Works drop by, and they’ll likely have it.

      Located in White Water Canyon


    This a teenage girl’s paradise. Find the latest fashions, jewellery, and other accessories.

      Located on International Street

    Studio Store

    Movie and TV related items are the main focus of this establishment. Check out toys themed to your children’s favourite Nickelodeon characters such as: Spongebob Squarepants, Diego, Dora the Explorer, Blue, Rugrats, Jimmy Neutron and The Wild Thornberries as well as Scooby- Doo.

      Located on International Street

    Thrills Are Wonderland

    The best place to find a souvenir that is Canada’s Wonderland related. You can choose from postcards, t-shirts, hoodies, hats, stuffed toys and tons of other stuff. Also if you forget your camera accessories at home drop by to pick up your disposable camera, batteries or film. If the weather won’t co-operate the store offers sunscreen, the latest in sunglasses, and rain gear.

      Located on International Street