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    Over the years, Canada's Wonderland has operated under 2 different names, 3 different companies, and 4 different logos. Below is a summary of the park's corporate history and logo progression.


    This is the original park logo dating back to 1980. It has a nostalgic look about it and an air of tradition.


    When Paramount purchased the KECO parks in 1993-1994, they re-branded the parks with their own moniker and introduced a new logo to suit. As a result, Paramount Canada's Wonderland was born.


    In an effort to keep Paramount Canada's Wonderland's image modern and attract guests of all ages, Paramount introduced a sleeker, crisper logo while still clearly indicating the ties to Paramount.

    2007- present

    A few months after the purchase of Canada's Wonderland from Paramount, Cedar Fair began the daunting task of de-Paramountizing the park. One of the first stages was to introduce a new logo once again and return to to the parks roots with the Canada's Wonderland name. Here you can see two variations of the most current logo.