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  • Introduction to Canada's Wonderland

    Canada's Wonderland is Canada's premiere amusement park. It contains the largest collection of roller coasters in Canada, and the most rides at any park in the country as well.

    Families with small children can enjoy the special area of the park just for tots including the Nickelodeon toons. Kiddy coasters, bumper cars and much more await the family.

    Though traditionally known as a family amusement park, Canada's Wonderland offers plenty of thrills for the older set. Thrill rides and roller coasters galore including Canada's biggest, tallest and fastest coaster, Behemoth, await thrill seekers. For the quieter set, live entertainment including an ice skating show, great shopping and too many other attractions to mention by name are available as well.

    Located in Vaughan, ON, part of the mega-city of Toronto, the park is directly in the centre of a large portion of the Canadian population. As a result, Canada's Wonderland has been the most attended seasonal amusement park in North America for 2 years running.

    Look for new additions of rides and other attractions in the future under the ownership of Cedar Fair, one of the largest amusement park operators in the world. The company is known for its continued re-investment in crowd-pleasing amusements in an even distribution for all ages.

    If you plan on visiting Toronto in the near future, make sure to stop by Canada's Wonderland for a day of fun-filled thrills!