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    Halloween Haunt, a themed event featuring various haunted house attractions in different areas of the park takes its hold on the park every October. Though some areas are off-limits during this seasonal event, most thrill rides and roller coasters remain open. The park is transformed using cornstalks, pumpkins, hay bales, burlap and is a sight to behold! Add in a great array of special effects, mannequins, and other props and you have the perfect after-dark atmosphere for a great time.

    The park remains open to the general public, including children, for normal operation during the daytime. All kiddy rides remain open during the daytime. Standard tickets and season passes are accepted for admission during the daylight hours. However, the park closes at 6pm and re-opens at 7pm for the nighttime festivities recommended for adults only.

    First introduced in 2005 as FearFest, Halloween Haunt is now a yearly event. That year, the park was divided into three zones named: The Curse of Sleepy Hollow, MTV Rockin' Scare and Studio Backlot Bloodbath. These themed areas each contained very different horrific experiences awaiting the guests. Each of these themed areas contains multiple terrifying walkthrough attractions to thrill guests. During the first two seasons these walkthrough attractions included: Massacre Manor, Cornstalkers and Blood Shed located in the Kingswood Music Theatre, Slaughter Street Fear Zone and Legend of the Lost in the former White Water Canyon and The Ozzburnes and Total Request Dead in The Courtyard.

    In addition to the walkthroughs, guests can enjoy shows such as the Friday the 13th tribute at the Wonderland Theatre and the dark and mysterious interactive rides at the Action FX, which in the past have included Elvira's Superstition and Funhouse Express (which is also available for children during the daytime).

    Of course, most guests choose to visit Canada's Wonderland for the rides. You will not be disappointed, as a great selection of thrill machines is available during Halloween Haunt including most coasters and flat rides. Other rides may also be available weather and crowds permitting. The majority of these rides put on a brand new, much darker and eerier face during the Halloween event. Lights are turned off where possible, or at least dimmed by blood-red bulbs and this allows for a truly frightening trip that you'll never forget!

    Arguably, probably the best ghostly ride is Thunder Run, where patrons board a mine train and travel through Wonder Mountain. During Halloween Haunt the coaster is referred to as Haunted Thunder Run, and patrons ride through a darker tunnel with additional strobe lights, plenty of thick fog, and black lit scenes. These scenes depict ghostly miners that have met untimely deaths in the depths of the mountain. Thunder Run's environment lends itself completely to the Halloween theming and the full effect is truly a work of art.

    Regardless of your threshold for thrills and chills, check out Halloween Haunt and experience the park at its best.