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    What amusement park would be complete without a few games of skill? Canada's Wonderland offers several areas of games for all ages. Adults will enjoy classic pinball games, teenagers will enjoy the virtual reality games, and children will enjoy their very own kid-themed games. For further information please visit Canada's Wonderland official website via our links page.

    Crystal Palace & World Expo Games

    This replica of the Crystal Palace featured at the World Exposition of 1851, houses a mixture of arcade games. One can find ever popular claw stuffed animal vending machines, classic games such as pinball among many others.

      Located in Grande World Exposition of 1890

    Cyber Central

    Get lost in the 7500 square foot alternate universe known as Cyber Central. With the latest in hi-tech video type games, this could become a day-trip in itself. Up for a round of laser tag? They have that too!

      Located in Medieval Faire

    International Festival Games Area

    In this outdoor game area, test your strength with the high-striker common at carnivals, try your shooting skills at Top Glo or shoot hoops at the basketball challenge.

      Located in International Festival

    KidZville Games Complex

    Games just designed for kids are plentiful in KidZville. Try Ball Toss, fish for a prize, or try out your luck something else. For the entire family, there is also Jacob's Ladder where the participants must attempt to climb the suspended rope ladder and ring the buzzer.

      Located in KidZville