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Roller CoastersCanada's Wonderland has a wide assortment of coasters from Suspended to Standup to Flying. This is a coaster lover's paradise.
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Thrill RidesCheck out Wonderland's awesome arsenal of scream machines comprising the most unique collection around.
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Family AttractionsThese amusements are fun for the whole family. No need for anyone to sit out; everyone can enjoy.
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Kiddy AttractionsKids get 3 distinct areas all to themselves at Wonderland. These cartoon-themed areas are sure to become a second home to many children.
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Water RidesYou'll have a splashing, soaking good time on this set of very moist rides. The forcast is always wet in this area of the park.
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Splash WorksSplash Works is a park in itself. Admission to this water park is included with park tickets or passes. Guests can enjoy an entire day of splashing around or just take a quick dip in the water to cool off in the hot afternoon sun.
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Halloween HauntAre you brave enough to visit a haunted theme park? Halloween Haunt is a get together for the living and dead alike. Drop by if you dare.
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