Sauble Beach Fun World now closed

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Sauble Beach Fun World now closed

Post by canadaswonderlandguy » 13 Jan 2013, 18:03

Another amusement park in Ontario has shut down.
It's the end of an era at Sauble Beach.

Sauble Beach Fun World is not going to re-open next season.

Owner Fred Robertson blames paid parking, high taxes and the overall business climate in the resort town for the decision.

Robertson issued a statement about the decision, but spoke at length to Bayshore Broadcasting News about his decision.

Robertson claims his taxes have jumped four thousand dollars since he bought the amusement park five years ago.

Robertson also blames paid parking at the Beach -- he says it leaves people with less money to spend at local businesses.

Robertson wants Council to eliminate paid parking altogether or he warns other merchants will close their stores.

The amusement park has go-karts, mini-golf and some rides -- and Robertson says he had more rides to open at the park.

But according to Robertson -- the town would not allow customized bunk houses for special staff to operate a looping star rollercoaster.

About 35 people worked at the park over the 11 week visitor season.

Robertson tells Bayshore Broadcasting News Council needs to work with the Sauble Beach business community.

He doesn't know if he will re-open at the park.


Statement from Fred Robertson.
Sauble Beach Fun World is now closing after over 50 years!!!

Regarding Sauble Beach Fun World!!

My name is Fred Robertson, I am the owner. Sauble Beach Fun World is now closed indefinitely. Over the past five years after taking on Sauble Beach Fun World and trying to bring it to a number one attraction in the Sauble Beach area.

Being limited for summer months and after all the new updates new rides and cleaning the park up and my experience, I started high making good things happen by bringing a big roller coaster in from Kentucky and as time went on I realized the paid parking from the downtown area had took all the per cap out of all most of the people: the should eliminate that right away and worry about their tax money...and little did I know it has hurt all the merchants and of course ourselves, as people are limited with so much money and the last four years our taxes have went up four thousand dollars over what we were paying and we are only open ten weeks more and after consulting with the township about customized bunk housing that we needed at the park for specialized personal to operated the coaster and other rides that we were going to bring since staffed turned us down and would not help us we were never able to get the coaster open and it will be a shame 35 seasonal workers will now be out of work, this is my experience for five years.

My personal opinion to help or save Sauble Beach from the remaining merchants, stores, businesses etc. is council and mayor should work together and listen to the peoples concerns because Sauble Beach will definitely dwindle less and less over the years unless council and the mayor step up to help them because it is a beautiful destination!!! ... wsID=52766

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