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    Is Canada's Wonderland moving to Niagara Falls or another city?

    No. This is a rumour that has been circulating for a number of years. It is believed that the rumour started due to the consideration of Niagara Falls as well as other sites as possible locations for the park in the initial planning stages. The destination varies in different versions of the tale, but  unfortunately Canada's Wonderland is not coming to a city near you! This has been clearly stated by the park on many occasions, including by the park's General Manager in 2002, Barry Jones.

    Was a maintenance worker killed during the construction of Thunder Run?

    Not Likely. As the story goes, a maintenance employee was working on the track when the train ran the course, cutting off the workers head. This story is most likely false, as there are no indications of media coverage from the time of the "incident". There would surely have been coverage of such a tragedy if it were true, but there is always a possibility.

    Has anyone ever died in a non-ride related incident at Canada's Wonderland?

    Yes. In 1988, a man jumped into the water underneath Victoria Falls to retrieve his frisbee and drowned. This is the only death ever to have occurred inside the park. Click here to read about this in the Toronto Star.

    Has someone been shot at Canada's Wonderland?

    Yes, but not in the park. A guest was shot in August, 2003 in front of the park entrance. The incident was believed to have been gang related and was not tied at all to Canada's Wonderland. However, metal detectors were added at all of the Paramount Parks the following season to prevent firearms and other weapons from being taken into the park itself. In addition, a heavier security presence is now present at the park.

    Were you able to walk behind the falls in the past?

    Yes. You were able to walk behind the falls when the park opened but this was discontinued some years later. Although the exact year it was closed is unknown, it was believed to have been around the early 1990s. You can see the sealed off former entrance to the pathway on either side of  Victoria Falls. If you look closely enough at the falls, you will see that the pathway behind the water is still in existence.

    Were you able to walk up the mountain in the past?

    Yes. You were able to walk up the mountain when the park opened, but this was discontinued some years later. The pathway was closed when Vortex was added to Wonder Mountain. The stairways to the top of the mountain were removed but the viewing area on the summit still exists and can be seen from the Vortex.

    How busy will the park be on any given day?

    While it is impossible to predict what crowds will be like on any exact date, some days of the week are better than others for visiting the park. Saturday remains the busiest day at the park as many adults are off of work and able to take their kids to the amusement park. If you must attend the park on a weekend, Sunday is noticeably less busy than Saturday. Weekdays are relatively equal in attendance at the park throughout summer holidays, although Friday seems to be slightly less busy.

    Rainy days are the best time to visit the park as crowds thin out and families put off their visits. Although getting wet in the name of having fun is not for everyone, the short lineups more than make up for a little bit of moisture. Don't let the rain "dampen" your spirits!

    July and August of course bring the largest crowds to Canada's Wonderland since kids are out of school. Visiting in the spring or late summer/early fall will mean less crowds, closer parking, shorter lines and more time to ride.

    Who is Cedar Fair and why is this important?

    Cedar Fair Entertainment Company is the parent company of Canada's Wonderland.

    In total, the company owns and operates 12 amusement parks, 5 outdoor water parks, 1 indoor water park and 6 hotels.

    A season pass for Canada's Wonderland might be your "ticket" to that vacation you've always wanted to take to any number of destinations. Take your pick: there are 8 US States and 1 Canadian province that host a Cedar Fair park.

    Can I get (lodging for my pet, strollers, wheelchairs, etc.) at the park?

    Canada's Wonderland provides a wealth of services for park patrons including pet lodging, rentals for strollers, wheelchairs and wagons as well as care stations for infants and lockers.

    For further information please visit Canada's Wonderland official website via our links page.