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    All successful websites are the result of the people that do the work and CWMania is no exception. The staff of CWMania seamlessly keep the site running smoothly, and help make the site interactive and welcoming to everyone. A great deal of effort and dedication goes into CWMania behind-the-scenes so thanks goes out to each and every staff member. If you appreciate our efforts, please email us and let us know!

    Adrian (nairda)

    Born in Philadelphia but raised in Newmarket, Canada's Wonderland has always been nearby. Regardless, the first time I went on a coaster was at the age of 11, on Minebuster, followed by my first loop coaster the same day on Dragon Fire. Ever since, I've loved roller coasters, and any coaster is fair game.

    Position   Graphic Designer / Moderator
    Joined Staff   January 2008
    Fav Coaster   Behemoth (CW)
    Fav Flat   Sledgehammer and Orbiter (CW)
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    Dan (DantheMan)

    I got a start on riding coasters at the ripe old age of 9, when I made my first trip to Cedar Point. With more than 20 years of riding coasters now under my belt, I set out to create a website where people can discuss and dream about Canada's largest amusement park. CWMania has surpassed all of my expectations and I can only hope that you enjoy the site as much as I do.

    Position   Webmaster / Administrator
    Joined Staff   Site Launch
    Fav Coaster   Millennium Force (CP)
    Fav Flat   Shockwave (CW)
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    Gerald (cedarpointfan1)

    I only started riding coasters 9 years ago. I had a phobia of coasters and heights but in the summer of 1999 all that changed as I ventured to Wonderland on my own. The first coaster I decided to ride was Minebuster and it was a ride that changed my life forever. Now no coaster is tall enough, fast enough or intense enough. As my username states, I am a huge fan of Cedar Point and I love the selection of coasters they have assembled there.

    Position   Moderator
    Joined Staff   May 2008
    Fav Coaster   Maverick (CP)
    Fav Flat   Shockwave (CW)
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    Jeff (coasterboy)

    Big time coaster lover who spends time each year travelling to different parks, but obviously visiting Wonderland the most. Not just a lover of coasters, I love the whole park experience, including waterparks, shows, food and other rides.

    Position   Administrator
    Joined Staff   January 2008
    Promoted   May 2010
    Fav Coaster   Tie of El Toro (SFGADV) and Sheikra (BGT)
    Fav Flat   Psyclone (CW)
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    Justin (Nuance84)

    Having a fear of coasters when I was younger, I refused to go on anything with a loop. At 16, that changed with my first experience on SkyRider. After I conquered my fear of inversions my enthusiasm for roller coasters began. My hobbies include: designing NoLimits Coasters, eating cheap chicken wings with Guinness, Home/Car Audio, and Karaoke among other things.

    Position   Contest Co-ordinator / Moderator
    Joined Staff   February 2009
    Fav Wooden Coaster   The Beast, Kings Island
    Fav Steel Coaster   Millennium Force (CP) and Behemoth (CW)
    Fav Flat   Sky Screamer (Marineland) and MaxAir (CP)
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