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      2 km of seat walls around the park

      3 km of berming (raised ground) around the park

      9 areas in the park

      12 architectural and engineering firms designed the park

      15 roller coasters

      20 acres occupied by Splash Works

      90 gallons required to paint the bottom of Whitewater Bay

      130 operating days per season

      198 acres of turf (lawns and other landscaped areas)

      200 attractions

      300 developed acres occupied by the park

      379 total acres owned by the park

      700 trades people built the park

      1000 tonnes of steel required to build Wonder Mountain

      1981 was the date of the park debut

      4000 annual staff required to operate park

      5310 begonias planted in the Canadian Flag flower bed

      6000 trees planted around the park

      10000 helium balloons released on opening day in 1981

      10000 tonnes of limestone used for rock landscaping

      10300 parking spaces

      15000 seats in the Kingswood Music Theatre

      30000 gallons / minute of water over Victoria Falls

      30342 feet of coaster track in the park

      36000 square feet comprising Whitewater Bay

      50000 pounds of candy sold per year

      60000 flowers planted per year

      75000 shrubs planted around the park

      100000 footlongs sold per year

      200000 funnel cakes sold per year

      500000 lbs of sand and cement used to build Wonder Mountain

      500000 stuffed toys won per year

      3300000 paving stones in the park

      108000000 dollars to build original park

      154567128 bottles of water required to fill Splash Works

      200000000 dollars invested in park since opening (as of 2006)