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  • Blast From the Past - Back in 1981


      Cigarette ads were prominently displayed to park patrons on brochures and posters

      Labatts Brewery sponsored the International Showplace for years in the early 80s


      2 300 000 patrons predicted to visit the first season

      Canadian population was 24 820 000 in 1981

      This means that almost 10% of Canadians visited the park that year!

    Cartoon Characters

      Fred Flintstone, Yogi Bear, Scooby Doo and George Jetson made frequent appearances at the park, as they were extremely popular with kids at the time

    Gasoline Price

      It cost only 36 cents per litre to fill the car - what a cheap trip to the park by today's standards!

    Operating Hours

      10am - 10pm daily from May 30 - Sept 7

      10am - 8pm on weekends through Sept 27

    Public Transit Fare

      $1.25 one way for bus transportation


      8 outlets offered pizza, burgers, ice cream, cotton candy, bratwurst, sandwiches, etc.

      2 facilities offered beer and wine (Ginza Gardens and All's Well Inn)

    Ticket Price

      $9.95 for an adult

      $9.25 for children 9 years and under as well as seniors

      $11.95 for an adult (including a 12 coupon book good for games)

      $10.95 for children (including a 12 coupon book good for games)

    US Exchange

      $1.19 Canadian for each US dollar